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          1. Online salary statement | Login

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            With this form, employees of the University of Vienna can get the following information as pdf-files:

            • Salary information (salary statement; annual salary statement from the beginning of February of the following year) starting with the transaction of January 2014
            • Insurance reports (for transfers from 01.01.2016)

            As public official of the nation (Beamtin/Beamter des Bundes) you can view your salary statement via the Portal Austria. Your ID is your e-mail address of the University of Vienna. The password you receive with your first login has to be changed to a personally chosen password. The password must contain at least 6 characters of which 2 are digits.

            If you have any queries or problems, please ask the employees of the Büro des Amts der Universität Wien.

            You can find more information about the u:account on the ZID website at Account – u:account.